Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Kitchen Re-Do Update

I promised an update on my kitchen.  I was really hoping I could post my "Big Reveal" by now, but as with most remodeling projects, there will always be delays.  So this is what I can show you so far...

I was so excited when this truck pulled into my driveway.  It was hauling my new cabinets!  Yay!

And here are some pics with the new cabinets up on the walls.

Well, that's about all.  Aren't they pretty, though?  I LOVE them.  They were supposed to install our new countertops yesterday.  But because of the nasty weather we've been getting lately, those have been delayed until next week.  Then our contractor has to install our sink and dishwasher and a few finishing touches here and there.  Then, I can have my big reveal.

This is one project that has tried our patience in more ways than one.  Not just delays and things not working out the way you thought they would.  But in the midst of this, the cold/flu hit our household.  It really kicked me in the backside.  What's weird is I could feel like complete crud one day, then feel better the next, then go right back to feeling like crud.  And I have had a lingering cough that is driving me crazy.  But this virus has been going around for a few weeks.  I'm hoping I can put it behind me along with this project by sometime next week.  Then I can tackle the messes that is in every room of my home.

Thanks for looking in!  Until next time....


  1. oh it looks wonderful! cant wait for the big reaveal!

  2. wow, my kitchen looks like a miniature besides

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the cupboards. It is so big. Lots of space for all you stuff. love it.
    Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy.

  4. Those cabinets look awesome! It's coming together, hang in there!