Thursday, November 1, 2012

What A Hoot

In the early morning hours, I awoke to a strange sound. It was rhythmic in nature and I had a hard time identifying it. After rubbing the sand out of my eyes, I laid in bed and strained my ears to try and figure it out. I could hear the wind blowing through the trees, then this sound. Our dog sleeps in our room and at first I guessed it may have been our dog. But decided that no, it couldn't be it. Then I thought perhaps something fell in front of our cold air return and that was what was making the sound as the furnace was running. But no. That couldn't be it either. So I decided to investigate.

I tiptoed out of our room and checked on our son, thinking that maybe he could be crying. It sounded rather mournful. Like a sob or a sniffle at first. But he was fine, thankfully. Then the further I walked away from my bedroom the softer it got. My dog decided he wanted to be let out for a bathroom break. As soon as I opened the back door, I knew immediately what it was. Of course the dog wanted to let this nocturnal bird know "Whoo" was boss. (Sorry. Couldn't resist. lol!) The owl was perched in the oak tree next to our bedroom window. 

We do not get these visitors very often. So it seemed fitting that in the wee hours after Halloween night that we should have an owl pay us a visit. After about 10 more minutes of it's call, it decided to go to a different location. And no, it did not deliver a letter or parcel from Hogwarts. ;-)

So do not be alarmed by things that go bump in the night. Most of the time it is something that is quite unexpected. And with that I leave you with this little ditty:

A wise old owl sat in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why aren't we like the wise old bird.

Thanks for looking in!