Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

   In honor of the blue moon, I present to you....Blue Moon.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My Mojo cannot decide if it wants to stay or go. It will come and sit for a spell, hanging out. But then it gets bored and will pack a bag and go. Sometimes it will just decide to spend a day or two away. Or it gets wanderlust and travels to places far away. Muse will go along for the ride sometimes to keep Mojo company.

So there I sit, waiting and wondering where they could have gone. They could have at least left me a text, letting me know that they were alive and well.

On a scrapbook forum that I visit from time to time for inspiration, a fellow scrapbooker posted that her mojo was gone. I sympathized. Another poster suggested that our mojos were probably out on the town getting tattoos and going to bars. lol!

Today I thought I spotted my Mojo. It was off in the distance. I'm sure when it finally does return (and it will) it will have ink and smell of stale cigarette smoke. But I will freshen it up and put it to work, tattoos and all.

And the next time it decides to have a night on the town, I'm going along.