Thursday, February 24, 2011

Enough Winter Already

Now that I have posted several days of winter photos and stories, I'm ready to think about warmer, balmier weather.  And more sunshine.  You know something like this:

Aaaah!  Warm salty breezes, walking on white sandy beaches with the waves lapping at your feet.  Memories. *sigh*

But today I am also thinking about this:

This is a scrapbook layout I did last week with some pictures I ran across.  These are pictures of when my son was *sob* around two or three.  He is now about four times the size than he is in these pics.

I used what was in my stash.  I vowed I would do that this year.  But, I broke that vow the other day by ordering some October Afternoon products. (Shhhh, don't tell hubby that.) ;-)

I know I am a wienie when it comes to my son, but I just wanted to cry when I looked at this picture.  I remember the "Snoopy" swim trunks my mom bought him.  And those little toes.  And his shock of bright, blonde hair.  And that sweet smile.  I can even hear his squealing laughter and his little voice.  Like I said, I'm a wienie.  And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Here is another look at this layout:

Think warm thoughts today and thanks for looking in! :-)


  1. Oh what a cutie! They grow up WAY too fast! I remember when my girls were that age, and they are now 16 and driving. :( Such a precious memory you have created here. Blessings,

  2. oh so cute pam! why do they have to grow up so fast. I can't even imagine mine at 16. right now i am so happy with the cuddle time--wish i could freeze time

  3. your really touched my spirit with that top picture.... layout is oh so coming.... love the layout..

  4. Cute layout! Would love to be at the beach today.

  5. Oh, how cute! I miss paperkins so much.

  6. What a cute layout and sweet pictures! Pam.. I don't think you're a son is 19 and lookin at younger pics of him make me all sentimental and nostalgic. It's just crazy how fast time flies! Sometimes I wish they could stay little.....for just a little while longer!

    I love how you used up some of your stash too! :)

  7. Hi Pam, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, I felt pretty vulnerable sharing, but knowing it helped you (and maybe your mom) blessed me beyond words.
    I hear ya on the memories of our children when they were young. sigh. Those pics remind me of my own, who's now 30! Gasp~when did THAT happen? ;-) Great scrapbook layout you did! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Such cute photos! Brings back good memories. I'm also ready to winter to move out of here.

  9. Such a sweet layout. If your a wienie and I am one x3.
    Love your photo. I soooo want to be there right now. Mind you today was pretty nice out, it was -6C.
    Oh oh, I was craving mushrooms, and I have been craving eggs. I wouldn't be surprised if I was difficient in Vit. D. I am in everything else.
    Thanks for passing that along to me

  10. OOOOH! Another scrapper! I am so far behind in my scrapbooks. I really need to get some done. I have been craving it lately. You did an awesome job on the page! Your son sure is cute! UGH! I WANT TO SCRAPBOOK NOW!