Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Boy

Last week, my son turned the big 1-6. Wow! Where has the time gone? I say this every single year.  This is the year he will become an official driver. Yikes! We will not even go there. Not yet anyway....

On his actual birthday, we had a small celebration with just the four of us. (That would include the dog.) I prepared a dinner that he chose (grilled pork chops, cheesy potatoes, corn) and a cookie cake. He opened gifts, including this one:

This is an idea I "pinned" on Pinterest. (I call that site internet crack. lol!) Ryan took one look at it and said, "Did you see this on Pinterest?" Okay, smartypants! He knows me too well! ;-)

Here is a pic of him with his favorite canine:

Isn't that sweet? Our dog is so spoiled! So spoiled that we were almost inclined to give him some cookie. I mean, how difficult is it to say no to a face like this?

My son's birthday celebration stretched into the weekend with extended family. On my hubby's side, there are many birthdays in May. Ryan was able to celebrate with his cousin at a local restaurant. There were around 25 of us, so it was a fun time!

We have some handsome boys in our family! :-)

We then celebrated at mamaw's house on Memorial Day. We had yet another cookie cake and he opened more gifts.

We had a fun weekend celebrating with the most amazing 16 year-old on the planet! We love you more than words can say! xoxo's

Thanks for looking in!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Inspiration

Thank You, God,
For pretending not to notice that one of
Your angels is missing and for guiding her to me.
You must have known how much I 
would need her, so
You turned Your head for a minute
and allowed her to slip away to me.
Sometimes I wonder what special name
You had for her.
I call her "Mother."

Bernice Maddux

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
We love you!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Springtime Chores

Whew! This weekend was a busy one! For whatever reason I was thinking that this weekend was going to be an easy one. A time to kick back and enjoy the springtime breezes and blooms. Yeah, right...

I found out that Saturday morning was the time that our county was collecting hazardous household waste. My mom had a slew of old, old cleaning products and some cans of paint and I told her that I would take it to the collection site. No problem. I was running some errands anyway. I get to the collection site and I think everyone in the entire county decided to get there at the same time. :-P Actually, it was very organized and went pretty quickly, considering.

After running errands, since it was a nice afternoon, we decided to empty our shed and take out the deck furniture. Ryan power washed the deck and back of the house and I cleaned the furniture. This took longer than I thought it would take and by the time we finished, I had to get ready for church as I was serving that evening. It was a great service (our praise band rocks!) and came home in time to have a late dinner. Did some laundry and by the time 9PM rolled around I was ready for bed. (This is where old age gets you. lol!)

Got up early Sunday morning and was scheduled to serve at church again. (How did that happen? Not that I mind.) Came home, had lunch, took the dog for a long walk. Since rain was in the forecast for Monday, we decided to get some yard work done. After working in the yard for the better part of the afternoon, time for dinner. Chilled out a bit and hit the sack at 9:30 p.m. I have such an exciting life. lol!

So today it is raining and I hopefully will be able to do some things that have been on hold while I attended to springtime chores. Things like some scrapbooking and working on my son's quilt (a work in progress).

Here is hoping that your work will be light and you can take the time to unwind and smell the roses.

Thanks for looking in!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Inspiration

When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers-the moon and the stars you set in place

Psalm 8:3