Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Speaking of Babies....

Check out what we witnessed last night.  It was a breezy afternoon, but sunny.  Since our house was blocking the wind, we were still able to sit on our deck to have our dinner.  We have a number of tall trees in our backyard and in one of them is a squirrels nest.  Apparently, either the baby squirrels were spooked out of their nest by the wind or decided they wanted to do some exploring.  Here are some pictures to help tell the story....

"Have you seen my baby?"

"Is he here?"

"Here I am, Mama."

"Oh, there you are! You had me so scared! Here, let me get you down from there and take you somewhere safe."

"Have you seen my other baby?"

"I'm over here, Mama!"

"Oh, there you are!  What am I going to do with you two?"

"Here we go.  Off to join your brother."

Isn't that the cutest?  Usually the squirrels in our backyard are very skittish.  They will not get within 10 feet of a human.  This mother squirrel got within a foot of my chair!  My hubby couldn't even believe it.  
Thought you would enjoy watching this mama and her babies like we did.


  1. How cute, what a fun thing to watch!

  2. I've never seen baby squirrels. What a show you had. thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so cute. I think they are teenagers, they never listen LOL.

  4. Just delightful! Loved the photos and loved the cute captions even more!

  5. It just goes to show what a mama will do to make sure her babies are safe...even put herself in danger. Cute post!