Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Baby's Not A Baby Anymore!

Waaaaaaaaaah!  My baby started a new phase of life this school year.  He is starting high school.  Seems like yesterday he was starting preschool.  Where has the time gone?

He is going to kill me by calling him my baby on this post.  But I can't help it.  I am a weenie when it comes to my son.  So sue me.

If you want to know what a budding high school student looks like, here he is as he was getting ready to go out the door this morning.

I tried getting a shot of him walking down the sidewalk heading to the bus stop, but it came out blurry.  I tried taking it as I was looking out the front door.  Heaven forbid if I walked outside to take a pic.  Did not want to embarrass him.

When he got home, I asked how his day went.  He said it went okay.  It will take him a few days to learn his way around the new school.  But he seems like he likes his teachers and his classes.  Whew!  I think it was harder on his dad and I than it was on him.  Hopefully, his high school years will be good ones that he will have fond memories of.  Wish us luck!

High school.  The mouse race that prepares you for the rat race.  Author Unknown


  1. I would be out front taking a picture every school year. My girls may have wished I didn't but they never said anything. Probably because they have had a camera in their face since birth they just don't think anything of it.

  2. my baby is in 8th grade this year. he starts high school next year and it makes my stomach sick!! :) i do the picture thing every first day of school too but i embarrass my boy further by making him hold up fingers to signify what grade he is in. i'm not sure what i'll do when he is in 11th grade.....

    i know how you feel about them growing up so fast, mama!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog