Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is my thirteen year old.  I took these pics a few weeks ago after getting my new lens.  I wanted to capture a typical evening of homework and fiddling with the itouch.  I wish I had one of those when I was 13.  Instead I had my brothers' stereo and his cool collection of LPs to choose from.  (So now you know, Dennis;-).
Here he is studying science.

One of my most dreaded subjects.
Um, you are supposed to be doing your homework.
But let's see what is playing on your itouch.
Okay, back to homework.


  1. Isn't this the typical teen. My teen daughter is on the computer, listening to her music, texting and doing her homework. Whew, wish she could multi task like that for housework LOL

  2. what a great montogue, perfect for scrapping!!