Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ahhh!  Spring is in the air.  You can smell the fragrance of spring flowers and new grass.  The balmy breeze feels so good against your skin.  The sun is shining warm on your face.  And the sound of birdsong is music to your ears.

But on a Saturday morn.  The one morning of the week that you finally get to have some extra shuteye, you are awakened not by the birds singing a harmonic chorus, but by a robin who is in love with himself.

Apparently this bird suffers from a bad case of narcissistic personality disorder.

We recently installed new windows in our home (our old ones were pieces of crud):-P.  We have a weeping cherry tree outside our front window and this bird likes to perch on one of the branches.  As he is looking around for his one true love in order to procreate, he looks around and sees his own reflection in the new window.  He mistakes this for a hot looking chick and proceeds to fly into the window.  Not once.  But numerous times.  You would think that after the first time of knocking himself senseless, he would get the hint and fly away to greener pastures.  But he thinks this chick is playing hard to get and that makes him more determined to get together with his mate.  The problem is, the "mate" is himself and like the Greek mythological character, Narcissus, he is doomed to fall in love with his own reflection and never be able to consummate his love.

I wish this bird had a brain.


  1. This happens to us at camp every spring. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. This silly bird would wake me up doing this. I was ready to chop down the tree it was perched in LOL. Plus he made a mess of the window.
    I heard that they are very terriorial and think the reflection is another bird and are trying to scare it away.
    Whichever it is I feel bad for them banging on the windows all morning.

  2. Hey just be happy you have a robin - around here we get mostly pigeons! Ugh!