Thursday, March 29, 2012


"Automakers on Verge of Bankruptcy!", "Detroit Mayor to Serve Time in Prison!", "State May Take Over Detroit Finances!". These are an example of the kinds of headlines we have seen in our local newspapers and on our local news broadcasts. Kind of makes you want to run for the hills or go somewhere and hide out doesn't it? Well, the way I see it, these kind of headlines is what sells newspapers and improves ratings on newscasts. Recently, we saw a side of Detroit that does not make the headlines, but is buried somewhere in the middle of the paper in a tiny article.

Dear friends of ours who moved out of state came back to Michigan for a visit. We arranged to meet in Detroit for good times and good food. One of our favorite places to visit is Greektown. And one of our favorite places to eat at while visiting this historic neighborhood is the Pegasus restaurant. We always order saganaki so we can hear the waiter proclaim, "Opa!".

After stuffing ourselves with tasty Greek cuisine, we headed down the street to pick out a sweet treat for dessert.

We then boarded the PeopleMover and took it to the waterfront. Situated there is the Renaissance Center and a lovely riverwalk.

We were saying that we always wondered what it would be like to go to the top of the RenCen and look around the city. Well, you will never know unless you try it. So we did!

This was taken in the elevator on our way to the top. Our ears were actually popping! There is an upscale restaurant situated there, and they were kind enough to let our motley crew in for a round of soft drinks.

We were typical tourists with our cameras, taking pictures of the spectacular view. Unfortunately, the pictures did not turn out the greatest. :-( But this one is one of my favorites:

Sadly, we had to part ways with our friends and head home. As we wound our way out of the city, I could not help but think that despite the depressing headlines there are some gems to be found in the heart of Detroit. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find it.

Thanks for looking in!


  1. looks wonderful - glad you had a good time

  2. Wonderful photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  3. How nice to spend time with friends and play tourists - LOL! What a fun day!

  4. It's nice to play tourist in your own town and find fun places to those desserts look super tasty. Sounds like a fun day!

  5. Great post! The media just LOVES to scare everybody-- they sure do love to put fear into people! I'm planning a weekend trip up to Michigan this summer, I will definately have to put Greek Town on my list, looks like a fun place to spend the day!

  6. It's so funny how the media does that, isn't it? The same thing happens here too :) So glad you were able to find the silver lining!

  7. You are so right in the news only showcasing the tragedies and the downfalls.
    I wonder, would they loose ratings if they focused on the good.
    I never watch or listen to the news. I figure if I need to know something important, someone will let me know, lol.
    So glad you still enjoy your city. We should all act like tourist every once in a while to see the sparkle in our city's.

  8. I had cut back on the news too! It makes ya just want to stay in the bed and never get out, doesn't it? Fabulous pics! I had to take a closer look at that dessert one!Drooling...I may have to do this in my hometown this Spring.