Saturday, February 11, 2012


Finally, after having the winter halfway over (on the calendar anyway) we got snow. This year had been unusual in that it has remained mild and relatively dry for most of the winter. On my birthday at the end of January it was a whopping 54 degrees! Never do I recall the temperature being so mild in January. Well, except for in 1978, the night before the Great Blizzard, the thermometer worked it's way into the 50's. I remember my mom saying, "There is no way that a blizzard is in the forecast.". The next morning, the snow and ice was beating against the house the likes we had never seen before and haven't since.

I'm really sounding like an old-timer. :-/

So last night, we got our first substantial snowfall of the season. And by that I mean a few inches. Here are some pictures:

Dang, but that light is bright!

And here are some shots I took this morning.

And here is our forsythia bush,

with a couple of little blooms.

According to this weeks forecast, the snow and cold will not last for much longer. Which I suppose is not too bad.

I'm ready for Spring. :-)


  1. It has been such a mild winter - enjoy your beautiful snowfall. :)

  2. It's been warm here, too. No snowfall so far. Enjoy the pretty snow!

  3. I am so over the winter and snow. I want summer and I want it now, lol.
    Beautiful photos.

  4. Poor forsythia...I hope it survives the cold snap.
    Seems incongruous to be blooming in that cold and snow!

  5. Pam, your winter sounds just like ours! Our snow arrived late last night/early this morning, but it will leave soon as it's supposed to be in the 40's and sunny this week. Beautiful pictures! I sure like to look at the snow, just not drive in it!