Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Hero

After having a busy, busy couple of weeks, I was looking forward to some extra shut-eye this past Sunday with the time change. My internal clock is still set on Daylight Savings Time and I woke up before the crack of dawn and was ready for bed by 8 p.m. It always takes me a couple of weeks to adjust to the time change every spring and fall.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from Halloween.  It was spent at my moms' for a change.  We all gathered there and noshed on pizza, donuts and cider. There were around 200+ kids. We had some baby dragons, cowboys, princesses, ladybugs and a certain werewolf and vampiress. ;-)

I dressed as a "Mom of Teenager" which includes a spattering of grey hair from riding with a brand new driver. Yikes! Actually, I can see his confidence grow with each trip out and he is getting better. 

I managed to do one scrapbook page with all the busyness. Another "blast from the past".

I pulled from my stash to make this page.  I'm still looking at this layout and think I need to add something more.  But for right now, this will do.

Ryan was obsessed with superheroes for a time as a little boy. (Aren't they all?) He would dress in his "Batman" cape and mask and ride around in his "Batmobile" up and down the sidewalk.  He did a great job fighting for truth, justice and the American way. ;-)  One day I wanted to snap a picture of my hero and he stopped, kicked back and said, "I'm relaxing!" in his cute little boy voice.  He cracked me up then and he still cracks me up now. :-)

I'm going to go and try to get a few things done, even though I'm in a fog. *Yawn* I hope everyone can know at least one superhero in their life. I'm blessed with many. :-)

Thanks for looking in!


  1. I love your costume, ha! Especially that part about gray hair from driving :) Your layout looks great!

  2. I love your comment about being the mom of a teenager. How quickly they grow up!

  3. Your layout is so cute, I love the title.
    Wow 200+ kids, one busy night. But I do love to see the little ones dressed up :)

  4. I'm still adjusting to the time change, too. Weird what an hour can do to mess you up. Love the title work on your layout!