Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School

It's so hard to believe that it is September and school has officially started.  Summer flew!  Even though it seemed that summer came and went just like that, I'm glad for the changing of the seasons.

We had a very busy weekend. Started Friday with spending the day at my sister-in-laws to take pictures of flower arrangements she will be making for my nieces' wedding.  They are gorgeous!  I will show them off after I get permission from my SIL.  Had lunch with my niece. Then just hung out and laughed and gabbed the rest of the afternoon.

Saturday was kind of a slow day.  Hung out around the house, did a little grocery shopping.  Sunday was spent at my sister-in-law's once again for a family get-together.  We had a great time eating, gabbing, eating, playing cards, eating.....you get the picture.  Blew my diet to smithereens. lol!

Yesterday we hung out at my neighbors for a last summer get-together.  Ate, gabbed, ate, played Apples-to-Apples, ate.  Another day of blowing my diet to smithereens.  I felt like I had a brick in my stomach.  Still do. In fact, I'm waiting for my ginger tea to finish brewing, hoping that will help.

Got Ryan off to first-day-of-school.  He got up and ate breakfast and got ready with no problem.  I was so relieved.  You know teenagers and their reputation of sleeping till noon.  No, that would be me. lol!

Here are some pics of the first day....

Isn't he handsome?  I love that kid.....

And our dog wanted to get in on the action...

Just because I whip out my camera and take a zillion pictures of my dog, doesn't mean that he gets to be in this one. lol!  We love our dog, though, and it's okay. :-)

Hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday.  For those with kids still in school, I hope it is a great year!

Thanks for looking in! :-)


  1. Summer just went by to fast!
    I have been saying that ever since my son started school on the 23rd!

  2. i agree summer went by so quickly!

    your son is adorable!

  3. He's very handsome, and how awesome that he still poses with a smile.

    LOL, I can't get my dog to be in a photo willingly at all!

  4. Hope your son had a good first day back at school. My daughter starts tomorrow.
    As for sleeping in...I'm all for that ;)

  5. Ya'll are so lucky that you are just now starting! Our kids went back 3 WEEKS ago!!! But our summer was so hot I am glad it is over!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I have lots of sketch sites listed on my blogroll, and those places also have lots of sketch sites listed too!

  6. You son and your dog are wonderful!