Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can't Touch This

A few weeks ago, I made a firm decision that I had to do something about my weight/health besides see the scale and my blood pressure readings keep going up.  With the help of my lovely assistant, Kelsey (my next door neighbor) and the support of my family, I began the Herbalife program and am trying my very best to get some form of exercise on a daily basis.  So far I have lost six pounds and am already feeling stronger and more energetic.  Which is saying a whole lot.

Another thing that I have discovered is that I never really realized how much food was such a part of my life.  Not just to sustain life, but it was becoming my life.  In another words, I was not just eating to live.  I was living to eat.  I still struggle with that every single day.  Of course, I just started my weight loss program a couple of weeks ago.  I believe that it takes 3-4 weeks to break a habit?  So I guess maybe what I am experiencing is normal. (At least I hope so.)

Some things are no longer allowed in my home:

1) Donuts. (Hostess stock has taken a nosedive).
2) White anything (bread, pasta, rice).
3) And as of last night, my son is the official baker in our family.  He does not know this yet.  But he is getting an education on the fine art of pastry while he is on summer break if he wants treats.

My son nicely asked if I would make cookies for him as we are low on sweet treats in our home.  I obliged and proceeded to eat the equivalent of a half dozen cookies in cookie dough as I'm preparing it.  This was done without any thought.  You know, licking the spoon, beaters, bowl.  *sigh*

I really need to develop some willpower of steel.  And I need to figure out when I am eating based on my emotions rather than physical hunger.  This is a mountain I need to climb.  Hopefully, someday I can reach the summit.

Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!!! Losing weight *is* so hard... I do Weight Watchers, which works for me but what happens is I lose the weight, fall off the wagon, then end up going back on WW to lose the weight I gained back. Ugh! :-P

  2. I think that is so great that you can know these thing about yourself! Not everyone can be that aware. Sometimes I feel like I eat to eat, like just to make sure I'm having a lunch or a dinner. I try not to make too many cookies or cake, its hard though! I made an organic cake for my mom's birthday, and the next morning we ended up eating a piece for breakfast! lol. So awesome that you are not having white anything in the house! I've heard that the white stuff has been bleached, not to mention the vitamins stripped. Good Luck!
    ps have you tried yoga?

  3. Good luck to you on your journey! I know it's tough. I've been the typical yo-yo dieter my entire adult life. Just when I lost those last stubborn pounds, I ended up pregnant again. So, here I sit overweight. *SIGH* LOL Seriously, though ... sending very positive thoughts your way. It sounds like you have a strong desire to achieve your goal and just need to follow through. You can do it! :)

  4. don't feel bad. cookie dough is hard to resist! you were faced w/an insurmountable task IMHO, lol!

  5. Best of luck! I am trying to lose some weight, too, before health issues develop. We all know what to do, it's the doing it that can be so hard!

  6. I have been on weight loss journey for the last year and half. I'm down 60 pounds as of this morning. It has come off s-l-o-w :) For me it was all about portion control. One day it just clicked that I was full, but I kept on eating because it tasted good. I've cut out the white too, and made it's amazing what small little changes like that can make. YOU CAN DO THIS though! IF I can, anyone can. Trust me Pam!!! :) Six pounds is awesome. Think about six pounds of ground beef. Thanks a lot! Keep it up!

  7. Good for you!!!
    I too have to get on board with my health, it is not an option.
    6 lbs is awesome. I think I have only been able to loose 1 or 2 lbs a month :0

  8. I think this is a fairly common issue, I had just lost 15 lbs right before I met my husband and since then...yep, gained it back....UGH.

    I eat for any and every reason and can down 1/2 doz cookies without a thought too.

    You can do this, and I've got to jump back on the wagon myself! I'll check back to see how you are doing. I know you will do great!

  9. I love fruit and fresh veggies. You'll be okay.

  10. Good for you!!! I need to get a hold of things in my household too! Love your last post first shave! How precious!!!!!


  11. You go girl! I'm cheering for you Pam. When I cook something for my family I can't eat, (and I do it often), I hold a toothpick or match in my mouth. Also, chewing gum helps. When I need to taste, I do and then spit it in the sink!

    Thanks for being such a sweetheart. Sending hugs your way,