Monday, February 8, 2010

52 Things We Love About Our Town, State and Country

Superbowl commercials!

Every year in the middle of winter is a time-honored tradition called the Super Bowl.  Many people wait in anticipation for this event all year, rooting for their favorite team.  Then in the week or two before the game, people plan menus, send out invitations and some will "buy squares" to place bets on scores during the game.  Finally, the day arrives and as people gather together to nosh on nachos, pizza, chili and any other number of treats they stare at the t.v. for three hours watching the much anticipated game.  You can hear the sound of cheers and groans, depending on whether the game is going in the spectators' favor or not.  And there will be debates on whether or not the referees made the right call.

For some of us, though, we gather together and nosh on nachos, pizza, chili and any other number of treats and wait in anticipation for the commercials.  We do this primarily because A) our team did not make it into  the Super Bowl and the teams that are playing we could care less about.  And B) we haven't wrapped our brains around what a down is and what in the heck is a line of scrimmage anyway?  And besides, the sponsors pay like a zillion dollars per second to air their commercials, so someone has to watch them and appreciate them, right?

I will say, that most of the commercials are perhaps the best ones advertisers produce for the year and the morning news shows are full of commentators speaking about which one drew the most laughs or were the most thought-provoking.

Here are a few of our favorites from last night that we wanted to share....

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