Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My Mojo cannot decide if it wants to stay or go. It will come and sit for a spell, hanging out. But then it gets bored and will pack a bag and go. Sometimes it will just decide to spend a day or two away. Or it gets wanderlust and travels to places far away. Muse will go along for the ride sometimes to keep Mojo company.

So there I sit, waiting and wondering where they could have gone. They could have at least left me a text, letting me know that they were alive and well.

On a scrapbook forum that I visit from time to time for inspiration, a fellow scrapbooker posted that her mojo was gone. I sympathized. Another poster suggested that our mojos were probably out on the town getting tattoos and going to bars. lol!

Today I thought I spotted my Mojo. It was off in the distance. I'm sure when it finally does return (and it will) it will have ink and smell of stale cigarette smoke. But I will freshen it up and put it to work, tattoos and all.

And the next time it decides to have a night on the town, I'm going along.


  1. sooo funny!

    when i am low on mojo i always try my hand at a challenge and that usually gets me going! good luck on finding yours

  2. LOL, thanks for the laugh. Loved this post.
    Wish my mojo would clean up my scraproom,lol. Not sure if my mojo has ever left....its like my kids, going to stay with me forever, lol.

  3. I love your writing style - your post was great! Can't wait to hear the wild stories your mojo comes back with!