Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Big House, Mac-n-Cheese and Romance

Most of you are reading the title of this post and asking yourself, "What is The Big House? What does mac-n-cheese have to do with romance? Do I really want to know if mac-n-cheese has anything to do with romance? And do I really care what The Big House is?". These are the kind of questions of the universe that I will strive to answer. ;-)

Yesterday evening, my sister and I took a road trip to the university town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Home of the Wolverines. And home of The Big House.

The Big House is the University of Michigan stadium where you will find well over 100,000 fans gathered there to cheer their beloved Wolverine football team to victory on most Saturdays in the Fall.

From there, we headed to Zingerman's Deli for a bite to eat. Downtown Ann Arbor was quite busy and we got turned around. Then we remembered that Zingerman's opened a restaurant quite near our ultimate destination. So to Zingerman's Roadhouse we went. At this funky restaurant situated near the freeway, in front of a strip mall, you will find the most delicious macaroni-and-cheese in the universe! Along with the-most-delicious-macaroni-and-cheese-in-the-universe, you will find a farmers market and some fun artwork.

My sister and I had already placed our orders when the waiter came with a small saucer of mac-n-cheese. With a twinkle in his eye and a sultry tone in his voice, he told us to sample the tempting pasta dish and let him know what we thought. Just one taste and I was ready to lick the plate clean! I gave in to temptation and ordered a side. We devoured the mac-n-cheese, along with the rest of our meal and we were in a carb-loaded state. Our waiter then tried to tempt us with a Doughnut Sundae. Sorry! As tempting as it sounded, we just couldn't do it. But we will be back! :-)

After dinner, we walked across the parking lot and arrived at our ultimate destination, Nicola's Books. And at this bookstore we were there to attend a book signing by one of our favorite authors of the Romance genre, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She just released a new book, "The Great Escape" and was there to meet her fans and sign her book. I love her humor and her characters have depth. I love her books. :-)

Here is my sister and I posing with the one and only Susan Elizabeth Phillips. What fun!

Since we were feeling guilty about the contents of our dinner, we decided to shop at the local Whole Foods and stock up on some clean and healthy food. Well, not really. ;-) But we did look around and bought a couple of items and were thinking about all the things we would love to buy if we did not already blow our budget on stick-to-your-ribs dinners and books. Then we vowed to each other that we were going to stick to nothing but raw vegetables and fruits for the next couple of days to hopefully melt off some fat. Well that lasted till noon. lol! But we have good intentions. :-)

So if you are still with me and were wondering what in the world these things had to do with each other, here you go. 

Now I'm off to munch on some carrot sticks.

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  1. What a FUN day!!! That mac and cheese looked amazing!