Thursday, August 18, 2011


Leaky air mattresses, leaky tents, mosquitos.  What's to like about tent camping you ask?  Sitting after dark making smores and telling stories around a campfire.  Gazing up at a zillion stars at night.  Gaining a new appreciation for modern conveniences.

While I really do enjoy camping, my hubby and I decided that this year was our last year for "roughing" it.  Actually I made that decision around five years ago.  But I am sadly outnumbered by the males in my household.

Each time we camped, we would make note of something that was missing and made sure that we had that something for the next time we camped.  In the past, we have always had at least one cloudburst happen causing the leaky tent and sitting on a wet picnic table for breakfast the next morning.  So this time, we made sure that we had a shelter in place over the picnic tables to keep them dry for this camping trip.  Guess what?  Not a drop of rain. Isn't that the way it goes?  But at least we had peace of mind that we would be dry while eating.

That is one of many stories that create our camping memories.  We have the time that our camping "neighbors" kids decided to light all the campfires in the middle of the night.  Not only did it wake us up because the dad was swearing at the top of his lungs, but we were worried that our tent would catch on fire.  It was crazy! Or the time that we heard on the radio that "heavy rain will be moving into the area at 1:30 on Sunday.".  Was that 1:30 a.m. or p.m.?  I insisted that we break camp early, but hubby refused.  "It will be okay." Ha!  We woke up at 1:30 in the a.m. to the heaviest rain I think I had ever witnessed and it flooded us out.  We were drenched.  Or the time that we had a visit by a skunk.  Yeah, that would be this time.

But for every camping horror story, there is a good memory as well.  Making friends with your neighbors.  Laughing until our faces hurt. Trying out new "camping" recipes. Walking around the campground after dark and looking up and never remembering seeing so many stars.  The smell of the campfire.  Roasting marshmallows and seeing if you can get that perfect shade of brown.  Or burning it to a crisp. Those are the ones that keep us going back.

We have already decided that next year we will be renting one of the many cottages/cabins in the area or staying at the resort situated on the shore of Silver Lake.  Or in my mind, we will be in one of these.

Thanks for letting me share our vacation memories.  Whether you are "roughing it" or staying at a luxury resort, I wish all of you many happy memories on your next getaway.

Thanks for looking in!


  1. look like the makings of a great vacation... thanks for that tent....

  2. Oh we always camped growing up and had so much fun! We started out in a tent and then bought a pop up. Glad you enjoy it!

  3. LOL!! This is why I "rough" it in a cottage! HA! But those memories are priceless for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I remember those tenting days as a child, loved it then, even through a tornado, lol.
    Now, not so much, I will take my cottage but still enjoy the campfires, stars and such. But go to sleep in a bed, lol.
    Good luck in convincing your hubby about the Airstream, now that would be my type of roughing it ;)

  5. I use to go camping in the mountains and the BEACH as a young girl!! I haven't taken my kids camping..that would be fun (maybe) hee hee IF we had a camper it would be a lot more fun than a tent!!

  6. Pam, I too have had these campouts! 20 years in Girl Scouting and if it can go wrong, it has! Wonderful photos on you blog - thanks for visiting mine and have a great week!