Friday, May 27, 2011

Good News, Bad News Part II

Since I cannot transfer pics from my camera to my computer due to the loss of both my card reader and cords, I thought that I would do a "Good News, Bad News" post again.

Which brings me to my first one.  You can read the above about the bad news.  Good news is, I have some great pics if I do say so myself and can't wait to print them out for scrapbook layouts and to share on this blog. :-)

Bad news is.  And this is BAD.  We have been on a "boil water advisory" for two days now due to elevated contaminants found in water samples taken by our water department.  So I put off taking a shower until this morning and dishes are piling up in our sink.  Which is driving me crazy!  And I kept forgetting to not rinse my toothbrush from the tap when brushing my teeth. Yuck!

Good news is (for my son, anyway) school has been been cancelled for the last two days and it is a holiday weekend to boot.  My hubby and I never got that lucky when we were in school.  We are trying to keep him busy around the house and yard, though, between storms.

Bad news is.  It keeps raining.  And raining.  And raining some more.  Which is one of the reasons why we are having water sanitation problems, I believe.  I feel like we live in the northwest.

Good news is. It's suppose to be gorgeous Memorial Day.  Keeping fingers crossed.  It is Michigan, however, and the weather can change at any given moment.

We do have to keep focused on the positive.  I have to deep clean my desk in my office and will hopefully find my cords/card reader.  At least we for the most part have clean water and not like some parts of the world that do not.  We are not in the middle of a drought.  And it will hopefully be a beautiful Memorial Day. :-)

Hope everyone reading this has nothing but good news in your forecast and has a great weekend! :-)


  1. Sorry to hear about having to boil your water first. That would be a pain.
    Hope everything goes back to normal for you guys.
    As for your son's extra long weekend YAHOO :)

  2. Ooohhh, we've been on a boil order before, but not for that long. They STINK! Big time! Hope it's lifted soon.

  3. Hope you find your camera card reader and cords soon! Sorry to hear about all of the rain you have been having and that you have to boil your water. Weather patterns sure have been difficult throughout the country lately.

    Wishing you a happy Memorial Day!