Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

At least I believe that is their official titles, wedding gifts from the Queen.  All I know is that Catherine (Kate) looked stunning and Prince William was so handsome.  And they both looked so happy.  I love happy endings. *sigh*

I remember when as a 16 year old, I could not wait to get up before the crack of dawn to witness the vows of Lady Diana and Prince Charles.  I set my alarm and got up before everyone and parked myself in front of the television for hours.  It was just like a fairy tale.  Sadly, it ended not as we wanted it to, with the Prince and Princess living happily ever after.

This time, I forgot to set the dvr and the alarm and I *gasp* missed almost the entire thing.  The only thing that saved me was my dog wanting to be let out.  I was not even thinking about weddings on t.v. or otherwise when it dawned on me as I was getting out of bed.  The Royal Wedding!  I practically ran to the remote and turned on the television.  What would be on but the "Weather Channel".  I was barely conscience enough to figure out how to turn on the remote, let alone start changing channels.  And my dog was begging to be let out.  With a huff I let my dog out, measured coffee and water and started filling the coffee machine.  Doing these tasks helped to clear the cobwebs out of my head enough to figure out what channel to turn to.  When I turned it on, they were singing "God Save the Queen" and were getting ready to sign the wedding certificate.  At least I did not miss the entire ceremony, which truth be told, I probably would have fallen asleep at parts of it.  Especially given the hour.  

I know some people think that some of us are nuts for getting so caught up in something that is taking place on the other side of the planet.  But for a few hours we are able to put aside our worries about finances, illness and terrible storms and root for two young people in love that they may be able to overcome the odds and live a long, happy life together.  God Bless William and Kate.


  1. oh i totally agree with you! i was in london for a quick vacation one year(many years ago when i lived in spain) and i got to see the entire royal family on the queen's birthday. i saw diana in this incredible dress--i had loved her as a teenager and now I saw her --i love it!

    great post

  2. I too watched the wedding. Hubby woke me up before he went to work so I could see it. I saw the tail end of the cememony.
    I remember when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married. I was about 15 and wasn't sure when it aired. So I made my younger brother stay up with me all night so I wouldn't miss it :)