Monday, March 7, 2011


I know that I have been promising "The Big Reveal" on our new kitchen.  Sorry it has taken me so long.  So without further ado, presenting.... Our New Kitchen!

It all began a couple of years ago when I couldn't take looking at my old floor anymore.  The design wasn't too bad.  But no matter the amount of elbow grease and cleaning product you used, it still looked dirty.

Blah!  I know you can't really tell, but there is dirt in those little crevices that would not come out. Ack!

Here is our new floor.  I think this is my favorite part of our renovation.

Well, you know what it is like when you start getting something new for the home.  If we got new flooring, then we have to update the cabinets.  Besides, they were looking like this:

This wooden spoon that kept the doors from swinging wide open because of defective hinges just wasn't  cutting it. I really wasn't into the "primitive" look it was giving the kitchen.  

Here is what I chose to replace that particular cabinet.  I wanted a glass-front cabinet to house my nicer glasses and crystal.  I had completely forgot about choosing the "pebbled" glass.  I think it gives the cabinet kind of a vintage feel and a little bit more character than plain glass.  Besides, it hides the dust better too. ;-)

Then of course you need new countertops.  I like the look of granite, but wanted low maintenance.  I did not want to worry about sealing my countertops every year or so.  So we chose this one.  We thought it blended in nicely with the flooring and cabinets.  So far, I am loving my new countertops.

Here is one of the features that I saw in a magazine and cut out the picture.

I wanted a place to store my cookbooks and knick-knacks.  So glad we did this.

I wanted more lighting around the work area and above my island.  So of course that meant getting a new light for above the table. (See what I mean about one thing leading to another?).

This is one of hubby's favorite features and was entirely his idea.

I thought that was a very nice idea.  We have a cozy place to sit and look at the birds feeding at our bird feeders and hubby wanted it lined in cedar to store extra cushions for our outside deck furniture.  I'm wanting to either make a cushion to go on top or buy chair cushions.  What do you think?

I added a couple of finishing touches.  Here are couple of them:

The canister set came from here.  The message board idea started out as a menu board.  But that idea went up in flames. :-P  So I decided to put a quote or leave reminders on it.

Here is a couple of before shots of my kitchen.  I remembered as we were halfway through packing everything up, that I did not take any pics.  Ugh!

And here are a couple of "after" shots of our kitchen:

Thank you so much for looking in.  Come back again! :-)

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  1. Its gorgeous! The glass front cabinet is really lovely, what a great choice. So glad you visited and commented on my blog, it gave me a chance to discover yours!

  2. I love it! I love the cookbook nook, with the mini drawers.

    The cabinets are GORGEOUS!! Great Job!

  3. very very beautiful! i bet you are just so happy with the redo! i love the floor too--way to pretty

  4. Your new kitchen is GORGEOUS!! I am so jealous!! Great job!

  5. Oh, it's beautiful!! I can't wait to replace my builders grade stuff. The seeded glass is a nice touch.

  6. That is so great, I started my kitchen because of the floor too, it was white tile and always dirty! I love the open or glass cabinets, You must love hanging out in the kitchen now!


  7. looks beautiful!!! thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...

  8. What a gorgeous new kitchen! You must be thrilled! But I won't be showing this to my husband. We need a new kitchen floor and don't want him to see what he might be getting into! lol

  9. Beautiful! I love what you did with it! It's so amazing to see befores and afters because the colors and materials can really change how a room looks!

  10. Your kitchen is so pretty love your cook book nook.Love the bay window with the sitting and storage space.Wonderful job.

  11. Ohhh my Gooodness. This should be in a magazine.
    It is so beautiful.
    I am thinking of either redoing ours or just buying a new house, lol