Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Can Take the Boy Out of the Country...

but you can't the take the country out of the boy.  I would have named this post, "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy", but I thought that would be silly.

Last Saturday Ryan had a sleepover at a buddy's house, so that left Honey and I with some free time on our hands.  So we grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to Honey's hometown and checked out an antique tractor show that was located down the road from his sister's house.  This was right up Honey's alley as he was raised in the country and he loves anything to do with machinery.  I thought I would be bored to tears looking at a bunch of old tractors.  But I actually enjoyed the evening.  There was a flea market, carnival food and fireworks at dusk.  And if you look closely enough, there is a certain beauty in the old relics of the field.  Come check some of them out.

Of course you have to have a John Deere tractor, or it wouldn't be a tractor show now would it?;-)
If I am not mistaken, this tractor is from the 1920's.  Notice the wheels are made of metal and not rubber.

So here is your fill of some old machines.  Until next time....

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  1. LOVE the pictures of the tractors, especially the older one!